With 10 years of experience building proptech, Credensa combines a deep understanding of the market and challenges for technology in the property management sector with an elite team of exceptional engineers. It’s our innate nature to empathise and empower, so we create software solutions that provide value and work harmoniously with the experts who will be using them on a daily basis.
Why Credensa

What sets us apart is added value - at no extra cost

Whether that's saving you time and money by improving internal efficiencies or helping to grow your business by increasing your customer base, Credensa is an effortless solution to improving risk management and relationship-building in the property industry. We create software to evolve and adapt, applying our experience, insight and technology to ensure your software is built to last.

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Effortless, efficient and easy to use cloud-based accreditation platform

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Facilitating the formation of beneficial relationships in the property industry

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Protecting your business and reducing exposure to risk by making compliance easier

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Full, up-to-date history of past documentation at your fingertips

The team behind Credensa

An elite group of engineers with a vast variety of expertise

Robert Corley, Director at Credensa Director

Robert Corley

Tom Weldon, Director at Credensa Director

Tom Weldon

Veena Ganti, Software Engineer at Credensa Software Engineer

Veena Ganti

Harry Johnson, Software Engineer at Credensa Software Engineer

Harry Johnson

Adam Ready, Software Engineer at Credensa Software Engineer

Adam Ready


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