Helping to lighten the load

Credensa helps you keep your qualifications up-to-date with expiry notifications, immediate alerts if customers identify any problems with your documentation and the ability to quickly resolve any issues. Relieving you of manual, time-consuming record-keeping can help to cut communication overheads, reduce risk and protect you from reputational damage.


A centralised space for your documentation

One central place and standardised process to keep all your documentation up-to-date will help to reduce the communication overheads with new and existing customers. Clients will be able to access your certification, testimonials and easily request further accreditation evidence through the platform, negating the need for e-mails and paper trails. 


Exposure to potential customers

It can be difficult to build trusted, long-term relationships in the property industry – so, Credensa helps you access management companies and find new business opportunities. With your own public profile page, you will be able to advertise your services on the platform as well as have the option to send your documentation to potential customers who aren’t on the platform themselves.


Referrals your clients can rely on

Instead of relying on word of mouth referrals, Credensa will give you the ability to provide concrete information about who has accredited your services to potential clients – allowing for better service provision while facilitating more transparent and honest working relationships.

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