Business liability peace of mind

All our suppliers must provide the minimum regulatory requirements as standard, so you’ll no longer need to worry about expired policies or uncovered liability. Credensa makes compliance easier, so your business is protected from legal repercussions.


Streamlining compliance and accreditation

With a full history of supplier records, insurance documentation and legally required certification at your fingertips, there’ll be no more scrambling around during audits to find the correct, up-to-date information you need. You’ll have complete peace of mind with your intuitive Credensa dashboard.


Reducing communication overheads 

Think about how much of your property managers’ time will be saved without the need for e-mailing suppliers for their updated insurance policies or health and safety certificates. Simply select the suppliers you use and you will be able to see all their accreditations and up-to-date documentation.


A network of reliable suppliers

Easily search for trusted tradesmen by service and location, as well as having quick access to your reliable list of suppliers and their relevant documents. With clear, comprehensive profiles and crowd-sourced accreditation documentation, finding new suppliers and building trusted relationships in the property industry has never been easier.

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