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Introducing Credensa: A Supplier Onboarding and Accreditation Platform for the Property Industry

18th November 2019   |   3 Minute Read
Client using Credensa supplier onboarding and accreditation platform on mobile

We’re Credensa, a new cloud-based supplier accreditation platform that aims to facilitate regulatory compliance in the property industry. By streamlining the onboarding and accreditation process, we’re making compliance easier, alleviating business risk and helping suppliers receive steady quote requests. Our easy-to-use platform allows suppliers to provide all of their compliance documentation - such as policies, insurance, qualifications and accreditations - so that agents are able to search for the suppliers they need, with the certifications and documentation they require.  

Speeding Up the Supplier Onboarding and Accreditation Process

Supplier onboarding is a laborious and time-consuming task. Property agents must search through a range of platforms to find a trusted supplier, before requesting the necessary documentation from suppliers and verifying that their documents are correct, up-to-date and aligned with the relevant standard. Meanwhile, suppliers must complete different onboarding forms for each of the agents they work for which can be slow and strenuous.  

To help save valuable time, we’ve automated the search process, instantly putting suitable suppliers and their documentation at the fingertips of agents. Simply by browsing the credentials of a suggested supplier, agents can access their entire portfolio of certifications, insurances, policies and health and safety documentation, while receiving a historical audit trail of all previous documentation.  With an efficient cloud-based platform like Credensa, finding and onboarding suppliers will be a breeze. Ongoing compliance will be kept up-to-date by the supplier so that agents are alleviated of tracking expiry dates and requesting updated documentation. 

Maintaining Property Industry Compliance

In the property industry, complying with accreditation requirements is essential. If suppliers don’t have the specific qualifications required to perform a particular service, agencies can face legal repercussions. But as the industry involves thousands of qualifications, it can be difficult to understand exactly which credentials are applicable to the service being provided. 

On the Credensa platform, all suppliers must provide the minimum regulatory requirements as standard, so that businesses are protected from liability. The platform will also allow custom-searches so that agents can find suppliers with the credentials needed to meet company-specific requirements. 

Keeping Property Suppliers’ Certifications Updated

The onboarding and ongoing accreditation process can be challenging for both suppliers and agents. Suppliers must ensure that their documentation is up-to-date at all times. If it’s not, agents can be liable when something goes wrong. It’s, therefore, an agent’s responsibility to check the validity of every document, for every supplier. 

If any policies have expired, agents must then chase up suppliers for an update, which can cut into even more valuable time. But Credensa can prevent these inconveniences. When any accreditation is approaching its expiry date, we’ll automatically notify the supplier and request an update. If any documents still aren’t up-to-date, we’ll make sure that the agent is aware. By taking away the stress of manual record-keeping, we can give agents peace of mind. 

Building Trusted Business Relationships through Credensa

Currently, the supplier onboarding process has no industry standard. Without any standardisation, accreditations can easily be overlooked, and agents could risk using unqualified suppliers. By formalising the onboarding and accreditation process, we’re able to build trust between agencies and suppliers to improve risk management and relationship-building in the property industry. We only list reliable suppliers, with clear, comprehensive profiles and up-to-date accreditation documentation. Not only does this formalisation help agents deliver a steadfast service, it also helps suppliers find secure and steady work within the property industry. 

By centralising all onboarding information onto one easy-to-use platform, we can relieve agents and suppliers from laborious tasks and make compliance easier. To find out how Credensa could help your business, register your interest here. 


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